Lay apostolate & the lay apostolic movements

This is a talk prepared for a Pax Romana ICMICA webinar on 27 April 2024 on “The lay movements in the new ecclesiology of the new Synodal Church.”

Entitled “Lay apostolate and the lay apostolic movements,” it looks at the teaching of Vatican II on these issues and how they are applicable today in a Synodal Church.

Below are the slide shows that accompany the talk in English, Spanish and French.


Joseph Cardijn

Joseph Cardijn Digital Library:

See Judge Act: 

Lay apostolate: 

Jesus Christ and the Church of the Poor Group and Pact of the Catacombs

CELAM, Medellin, 1968

The Church in the present-day transformation of Latin America in the light of the Council : Second General Conference of Latin American Bishops, Bogotá, 24 August, Medellin, 26 August-6 September, Colombia, 1968

La Iglesia En La Actual Transformacion De America Latina A La Luz Del Concilio: II – Conclusiones

Stefan Gigacz