How should the role of lay people be understood?

Well, if there’s lots to criticise about the lack of understanding of the lay vocation in the Plenary Framework for Motions, how should it be understood?

Here is how the late Adelaide priest and YCW chaplain, Hugh O’Sullivan, expressed it:

The message of the Church is a message of the sacredness of creation, of the dignity of each person, of the importance of the joys, griefs, hopes, and anxieties of all and especially the poor, of the brother/sisterhood of all in one family, of the Church’s mission to penetrate the World transforming from within, of the special role of each lay person in the secular vocation within the world. 

Beautiful words that exactly express the lay vocation as understood by Cardijn and the Second Vatican Council. 

Nothing further to add, Your Honour.

Stefan Gigacz 





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