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  • Day 4: Nelson Mandela

    Day 4: Nelson Mandela

    Today, let’s remember Nelson Mandela’s memorable speech to the International Council of the YCW in South Africa in 1995.

  • Day 3: Victoire Cappe

    Day 3: Victoire Cappe

    A good day to remember Belgian Catholic feminist, social action, feminist, trade union, YCW and see-judge-act pioneer, Victoire Cappe. 

  • Day 2: Patrick Keegan

    Day 2: Patrick Keegan

    A reflection today from Pat Keegan, YCW pioneer in the UK and internationally. Co-founder of the World Movement of Christian Workers.

  • The Plenary Council agenda

    The Plenary Council agenda

    Without backing off from my critique of the Instrumentum Laboris, I think the agenda has some very positive elements.