Originally known as “Plenary Reflections, this blog began as an effort to keep track of and reflect on the Australian Plenary Council that was held in 2021-2022.

With the announcement by Pope Francis of the forthcoming Synod on Synodality 2023-2024 I’ve revived the blog and renamed it “Synodal Reflections.’

The plan is to keep posting on issues relating to synodality in general and the Synod in particular.

Two major themes of my interest are:

a) The lay apostolate as understood by Joseph Cardijn and as embodied particularly in the teaching of the Vatican II Constitution, Lumen Gentium §31.

b) The associative dimension of the Church, i.e. the range of mainly lay groups, societies, associations and movements that have proliferated in the Church but which are often overlooked.

Thanks for reading!

Stefan Gigacz

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